Coast to Coast: New Skincare!!

For the past two years I have been using the Kora skincare range which I love (despite it not being super cheap). However when I found myself coming to the end of my last set of bottles, I decided that it might be time to mix it up and try something new. After a little googling for natural skincare brands I discovered Coast to Coast. Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast is a natural Australian skincare brand that sources all ingredients used in their products from within Australia. There are no artificial colours, fragrances or synthetic chemicals used in their products and they do not do animal testing (ticking all the boxes).Read More »


Tieks Blue Prints

In my shoe-loving experience, I find that it can be really difficult to find well-made ballet flats that look good, are comfy and don’t leave your feet feeling exhausted every time you wear them. At the moment, I’m having a Tieks phase. I absolutely love them! They are super comfy, well made and come in a great range of colours. Most Tieks are wholly leather (other than the blue print on the bottom of the shoe), but they also have a vegan range for anyone who prefers not to buy leather. They are a little pricey, starting at USD$175 but I think they’re worth every penny!Read More »