My Morning Porridge

I’m a notoriously boring person when it comes to mixing up my breakfast options. I have two or three staples that I eat on a regular basis and anything else is usually because it’s a special occasion or because I’m eating out. I have porridge for breakfast for about 70% of the year (because it’s just too hot in the middle of the Australian summer) and most days of the week. As boring as that is, it does come with a number of benefits in that I have my healthy little porridge dish that is full of goodness every morning.Read More »


Bee Happy with Honey

I’m a big honey fan. I use it all the time in my cooking, from my daily morning porridge to a sugar replacement in various cakes and other delicious baked goodies. Not only do I prefer the taste of honey to regular sugar most of the time, it’s a lot better for you. But that’s not particularly ground-breaking. I think it’s safe to say that most of us know that honey is good for you. After all, who doesn’t love a warm honey and lemon drink in winter when they have a sore throat or cold?

Nevertheless, after running out of honey a few weeks ago, I went down to the supermarket to buy some more and realised. After spending several minutes staring blankly at the wall of honey in front of me, that I actually had no idea what half of the labels were telling me. There was a nice selection of jars and bottles with pretty little buzzing bees and mouthwatering honeycomb pictures on them (the cheaper varieties). And then, there was an array of “Manuka” or “Jarrah” honeys with “TA 15+” or something similar on the labels (typically about double the price). Now I, being someone who is always willing to fork out a little more for higher quality food products, eventually picked up the “Organic Australian Jarrah Honey TA 15+” without knowing what about half of the label meant. So I set about doing a little bit of research that I though I would share with you.

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