Some Beautiful Cookbooks

I find it so easy to be inspired to cook healthy meals (and snacks) with an old fashioned hard copy cookbook! It’s so relaxing to sit down and flick through the pages with a cup of tea, deciding what you feel like. While you can always find a good recipe for a wholesome meal online, sometimes it’s nice to flick through an actual recipe book. You can spend hours trawling online trying to find something that you feel like when you have no idea what you’re looking for!Read More »


Balancing You Time: Lifestyle Swaps

Me time is so important in a balanced lifestyle and to maintain good mental health but it’s so easy to forget about or “not have time for”! We often spend too much time watching screens and not taking time out to nurture ourselves away from technology. I am currently taking part in a spring cleanse program called barrebodyfive which is run by barre body, my favourite exercise class. One element of the 5 week spring challenge is to have at least 5 minutes of you-time each day and make 5 lifestyle swaps. Here are a few of my swaps/me time activities that I’d love to share with you!Read More »

18 Excellent Trashy Movies in 18 Years

No matter how high-brow you try to be, no-one can deny the appeal of a feel-good trashy movie! Sometimes you need to just switch off your focus and watch something that is enjoyable just the way it is (as long as you don’t start criticising it for being too unrealistic or pulling holes in the plot). In writing this post I by no means intend to be exhaustive of all good trashy movies of all time. I have confined myself to the past couple of decades and picked out some stand alone movies that I can watch over and over and just make me happy!!Read More »