These are a few of my favourite things!!

It’s sometimes hard to explain why we like something or dislike something but we always know – even if we don’t know why! I’ve come across so many good things recently and wanted to share a few of them with you! I’m planning on making this kind of post a semi-regular thing (hopefully every couple of months) to share what I’ve discovered and what’s featuring in my life! 

Book: Orphan X51pwdY0puUL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_

People talk about being hooked from the first page of a book but I rarely experience this – usually it takes at least a chapter or two. However, Orphan X truly had me hooked from page 1! I am not surprised that it had a movie deal tied up before the book was even published! The premise of the story is a 12 year old boy, Evan, is taken from poverty to be trained up as an assassin for the U.S. Government (I know not a completely original story but stay with me). The program is then canned and Evan becomes a vigilante do-gooder helping the helpless against their repressors. I won’t say anymore because I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but if you’re looking for a fast-paced gripping read, this book is fantastic!

aurora_allmydemonsAlbum: All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend – Aurora – 2016

I first discovered Aurora after hearing her cover of Oasis’ Half the World Away in the John Lewis Christmas ad last year and was instantly interested in hearing more! She is a Norwegian singer and All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend is her first studio album. The album ranges from upbeat pop sounds to melancholic melodies but is a really interesting and new sound. It’s definitely one of my favourite albums of the year so far and if you haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet, I would highly recommend that you do!

Podcast: No Such Thing as a Fish1435452594143545257311053432_1604787773111245_5687662556911267613_n

I’ve really taken to listening to podcasts recently, particularly if I have to do some admin at work, and this one is the best I’ve come across! It’s a half hour show run by some of the “QI Elves” who find the facts for the TV show QI and on the podcast they share four facts that didn’t make it to the show. It’s a really light-hearted, usually very funny, podcast (I have laughed out loud a lot listening at my desk at work). On the whole all of the facts are interesting but completely useless – probably unlikely to help your trivia career – but the chemistry of the four presenters makes it perfect listening.

lifewithbirdClothing Brand: Life with Bird

Life with Bird is a boutique Australian fashion brand creating modern fashion clothing. I only discovered the brand about a year ago but it quickly became my favourite! The thing that I think really makes Life with Bird clothing stand apart from other luxury boutique fashion brands is its wearability. The clothes I own from Life with Bird are among the most comfortable items of clothing I own – and given that I wear a number of their items to work, this is a big plus! More than this, their dresses are always right on trend and incredibly flattering to wear. The only problem is that they have a flagship store round the corner from my office – it’s very dangerous.

Exercise Class: BarreBodyBB-logo-2x-web

I first joined barre body almost 18 months ago and I still attend classes as regularly as when I first started! I love it! It is the perfect exercise class for me – incorporating ballet exercises, yoga and pilates. It’s a class that will really get your muscles burning and after attending regularly for a few weeks you will see your body tone and reshape itself – I have also noticed a marked improvement in my flexibility! I literally can’t speak highly enough of barre body – every class is just a great experience, the instructors are always friendly, welcoming and you always leave feeling glad that you came.

footer-logo-khloris-2Skincare 1: Khloris Botanical

Anyone who has read my Khloris post will know how much I love these tonics! I have now bought a bottle of their Helichrysum and Lavender skin tonic which is as divine as the Damask Rose and Frankincense I reviewed previously! As with the Damask Rose and Frankincense, the Helichrysum and Lavender is a really unique scent and results in beautiful fresh feeling skin. I’ve now replaced my old toners with Khloris as I think it works so much better and is much more gentle on the skin!

Tea: TWG Crème Carameldownload

I first discovered TWG (The Wellbeing Group) in Singapore a few years ago and it has been my favourite tea brand ever since. TWG is based in Singapore, where they have a number of classic tea salons complete with macarons, but is stocked around the world (mainly in luxury department stores)! My favourite of their enormous range is the Rooibos Crème Caramel tea which is a rooibos blend with a “secret … blend of sweet French spices” (orange, vanilla and some other things) – it is delicious! In Australia, the Tea Centre stocks a similar blend called Pacific Sun Rooibos. If you get the chance, definitely try it!

What are your favourite books, music, classes, brands or beverages at the moment? I’d love to know and give them a go! Let me (and everyone else reading this) know in the comments below! xx


13 thoughts on “These are a few of my favourite things!!

  1. My new favorite brand in panties, tank tops and t-shirts happens to be Australian like you. It’s called Boody and the clothes are made from bamboo. I’ve worn them to work and when I went backpacking. Good stuff!

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  2. Love that you are taking BarreBody classes! I’ve been a dancer for 9 years now and I can definitely say that ballet and the barre are my favorites for dance technique and simply toning my body! You go girl xx

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  3. I’m a huge QI fan, and have recently been getting into podcasts – but I didn’t know they had a podcast, that’s amazing! Thanks for all the recommendations 🙂

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  4. Love this post! It’s always fun to see favorites, your post has more unique categories than others I’ve seen.

    I’ve gotten really into podcasts and barre lately as well, and now I’m hooked! They both are so good for the soul. 🙂

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