5 Skin Tips For Flying

I am so excited to go on my first big holiday this year to the West coast of the U.S.!! So much so that I have thoroughly annoyed everyone at work by voicing my excitement on a daily basis for the past month (I know – I’m that person!). The only hurdle is the 14 hour flight to get there from Melbourne. I don’t think there are many people who genuinely enjoy long-haul flights. I don’t mind flying but 14 hours is a long time in one seat, breathing recycled air that slowly sucks moisture out of your skin. However, there are a few things you can do to combat the dehydration and help your skin recover quickly after!

1. Minimise Makeup

I’m always tempted to wear makeup on long-haul flights, mainly so I don’t look like a zombie when I land in a sleep deprived state. However, I have learned over time that my skin feels 100% better if I forego the foundation and just use a little mascara and some light eyeshadow and perhaps some eyebrow gel.

2. Moisturise

Start before your flight – have a shower and moisturise your full body before you go to the airport! Then pick your favourite moisturiser (in a 100ml or less bottle) to pack in your carry-on to top up your hands, arms and any other exposed body parts every couple of hours.

3. Drink Lots of Water

This is an obvious one but easy to forget when the vast array of beverages comes around on the cart. My rule is to always have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink. I don’t have many alcoholic drinks though – mostly because it makes me feel dehydrated and not great. I also try to drink a bottle of water every couple of hours – I know this can be annoying if you’re in a window seat and have to clamber over people to get to the bathrooms but it will make you feel so much better in the end!

4. Mid-Flight Wash

A mid-flight face wash is an amazing way to refresh your skin and give it a boost for the rest of the flight. Pack a travel sized cleansing wash, toner and moisturiser and have a full wash – or, if you’re wearing makeup and don’t want to reapply – pack a wash cloth and wipe your face with warm water and moisturise!

5. Rosehip Oil

A lot of people recommend facial mists on planes but I don’t find that they help that much. Instead I would go for a hydrosol or rosehip oil (or other oil – I just like rose). Before you moisturise, massage some oil onto your face as this will absorb into your skin and help your moisturiser to absorb more effectively. I’m taking the Trilogy rosehip oil with me on this trip (they have a really cute 20ml bottle)!


So that’s my five tips that I will definitely be taking with me on this flight! Let me know if you have any tips for long-haul flights and your favourite products in the comments below! Happy flying! xx



5 thoughts on “5 Skin Tips For Flying

  1. Have fun – the whole west coast is lovely! Everything from ocean to mountains – & you can visit Mexico too! Other advice – make sure to not get embedded into seat – get up & move limbs. & take books, mags, etc, to make time pass

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