Current Loves!!

Following up from my previous post These are a few of my favourite things!!, here is my second post of current loves to share with you! A few things here were discovered on my recent US trip (including the red dahlias above from the Pike Place Market in Seattle) and some others are old loves that I’ve rediscovered. I hope you enjoy reading and let me know what your current loves are in the comments!Read More »


Khloris Botanical

Natural beauty products are becoming increasingly popular as people are beginning to question and value what they put on their skin as well as what they put inside of their bodies. However, it can be very difficult to make informed decisions as a consumer about which products are the best when the ingredient lists still contain 20 odd substances which are completely incomprehensible to the average person! However, there are some (mostly smaller) companies who are creating beautiful products that are exceptions, setting a new standard in natural skincare. Khloris Botanical is one such example. It is my newest beauty discovery and is everything I aspire to in a beauty product both quality-wise and ethically.

Khloris Botanical is a small Melbourne-based business founded by Suzanne Walker that creates beautiful facial sprays (or tonics as she calls them). Khloris differs from most commercial beauty products in that it isn’t just natural ingredients, it is made up entirely of fresh hydrosols (also called floral water or herbal water) which are sourced directly from the distillers – nothing else!Read More »

New Year in the Office

Now that we’re well into January and most of us are back at work with new year resolutions about our diets and exercise regimes, how much have you considered extending those resolutions to your everyday desk habits? Many of us spend 7-8 hours a day sitting at a desk (maybe even more)! That’s a third of your day! But more than that, what you do during the working week is a great way to form habits because you work on a similar schedule (for the most part) every day! I have found that since I started attending fitness classes in my lunch break 3 times a week, I go to the classes more consistently and don’t even think about it anymore – I just do it. This is what makes the workplace an ideal place to form new habits!Read More »

Coast to Coast: New Skincare!!

For the past two years I have been using the Kora skincare range which I love (despite it not being super cheap). However when I found myself coming to the end of my last set of bottles, I decided that it might be time to mix it up and try something new. After a little googling for natural skincare brands I discovered Coast to Coast. Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast is a natural Australian skincare brand that sources all ingredients used in their products from within Australia. There are no artificial colours, fragrances or synthetic chemicals used in their products and they do not do animal testing (ticking all the boxes).Read More »

Tieks Blue Prints

In my shoe-loving experience, I find that it can be really difficult to find well-made ballet flats that look good, are comfy and don’t leave your feet feeling exhausted every time you wear them. At the moment, I’m having a Tieks phase. I absolutely love them! They are super comfy, well made and come in a great range of colours. Most Tieks are wholly leather (other than the blue print on the bottom of the shoe), but they also have a vegan range for anyone who prefers not to buy leather. They are a little pricey, starting at USD$175 but I think they’re worth every penny!Read More »