Chai Body Scrub

Exfoliation can do wonders for your skin and this chai scrub is amazing! It’s also super easy (and quick) to make and is full of ingredients that you will probably already have in the kitchen! Exfoliation helps to maintain clear, soft skin. This is because our skin cells are regenerating all the time with the dead ones falling away. But sometimes the dead cells cling on and this can lead to blocked pores and and pimples as well as a feeling of rough skin.

Sugar is one of the best natural exfoliants as it it much gentler on the skin than salt or other gritty things used in exfoliators. It is also a natural humectant which means it draws moisture in and contains glycolic acid which encourages cell turnover, generating fresh skin. However, while you should exfoliate regularly to maintain soft, clear skin, you shouldn’t exfoliate more than 2 – 3 times a week as this can lead to damaging healthy skin cells.Read More »


Homemade Avocado and Oatmeal Facials

There are so many great things about homemade facials! If you pick the right ingredients, they can be much more effective and better for your skin than the shop bought equivalents. This is for two reasons, firstly the ingredients are going to be much fresher and therefore more potent and secondly because you won’t be adding any filler ingredients or preservatives, and really, what’s the point in having filler ingredients when you don’t need them?Read More »

Some Beautiful Cookbooks

I find it so easy to be inspired to cook healthy meals (and snacks) with an old fashioned hard copy cookbook! It’s so relaxing to sit down and flick through the pages with a cup of tea, deciding what you feel like. While you can always find a good recipe for a wholesome meal online, sometimes it’s nice to flick through an actual recipe book. You can spend hours trawling online trying to find something that you feel like when you have no idea what you’re looking for!Read More »

My Morning Porridge

I’m a notoriously boring person when it comes to mixing up my breakfast options. I have two or three staples that I eat on a regular basis and anything else is usually because it’s a special occasion or because I’m eating out. I have porridge for breakfast for about 70% of the year (because it’s just too hot in the middle of the Australian summer) and most days of the week. As boring as that is, it does come with a number of benefits in that I have my healthy little porridge dish that is full of goodness every morning.Read More »