What’s All The Fuss About Barre?

I’ve been planning to write about barre for a while now (I’ve had a draft of this post for about a year) and after having had a 3 month break and trying out a couple of different styles of exercise classes and corporate gym group fitness classes, I’ve come crawling back.

I first started barre 2 years ago, about the time that it exploded as the “it” exercise class in every fitness magazine. However, unlike every other fitness class I have taken in the past, I still love barre two years on – it has well and truly passed the fad stage. It’s never a chore for me to go to a class in my lunch break and I always feel great afterwards. Basically, the jackpot when it comes to exercise!Read More »

These are a few of my favourite things!!

It’s sometimes hard to explain why we like something or dislike something but we always know – even if we don’t know why! I’ve come across so many good things recently and wanted to share a few of them with you! I’m planning on making this kind of post a semi-regular thing (hopefully every couple of months) to share what I’ve discovered and what’s featuring in my life! Read More »